The Electronic Cigarette

The e cigarette is extremely simple to operate. It is comprised of 3 parts and used with a safe nicotine liquid. A description of each is listed below:

E Cig Batteries: The battery for the e cig is rechargeable and lightweight. Battery life varies according to the model but generally they will last for about 2 hours of actual usage time, 6-8 with a 3.7 volt device. They should be charged for 6-8 hours on first charge (except the eGo) and then until the light turns green on your charger. Batteries can either come in automatic or manual. The auto battery can be used so that the e-cigarette works just by taking a puff on it unlike the manual battery that works through a pushbutton near the connector point. The auto battery is hands free and typically has longer life than a manual but has a shut off point after about 6 seconds to where the manual allows for unlimited drag time. A battery can last for months before losing its ability to hold a good charge. Be sure to keep a few batteries with you to avoid constant charging.

E Cig Atomizers: The atomizer is the centerpiece of the e-cigarette. It is basically a tiny heating element, wrapped in a wick-type material. The battery powers the atomizer which heats up to allow for a nicotine solution to be vaporized into a mist resembling smoke, nicotine vapor. An atomizer will last for months as long as you keep it clean and keep liquid in your cartridge.

"Low Resistance" Atomizers: The low resistance atomizer allows its user the experience of higher voltage vaping without the need for a 5 volt or higher device. It produces more heat, in turn producing more vapor and larger throat hit.

"Tank" Atomizers: These are made specially for the Tank Cartridge System. The Tank Atomizer works differently than an ordinary 510 Atomizer. Instead of a wick covered bridge, the Tank Atomizer contains a narrow cylinder that fits into the Tank Cartridges. This system allows you to vape with out the filler material or dripping.

E Cig Cartridges: The cartridge is the mouthpiece of the e-cig. It contains a cotton-like filler that holds the nicotine liquid. They come pre-filled in many flavors and can be refilled with e-liquid that you can purchase separately. A cartridge can be reused many times although eventually the cotton filler will stop holding liquid.

E Cig "Cartomizers" and "clearomizers": A Cartomizer is basically a combination atomizer and cartridge. These take all the guesswork and maintenance out of your vaping experience. They can be continually refilled and are typically cheaper in price than an atty. Plus refilling is a cinch.

E Liquid: E liquid is a solution of water, flavor, trace amounts of nicotine (varying in strength), and a safe food additive called Propylene Glycol.

Propylene Glycol is a vaporizable base used to dilute the nicotine liquid. It is also used in everyday products ranging from medicine to toothpaste.

Also used in combination to PG is Vegetable Glycerin. VG is used in the food industry as a solvent and sweetener and may help preserve food. Its use in e-liquid helps give a thicker and fuller vapor, prolongs liquid life, and some e-cig users say it gives a more even, less harsh taste and throat hit.

PG and VG are used in e-liquid to help facilitate the vaporizing process. They are tasteless and orderless as well as food grade, so they are safe to inhale. They also have a thickness and consistency needed to hold the nicotine to be vaporized.

Ginger’s Blends is available in strengths of 30mg,24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, and 0mg. It comes in three different PG/VG ratios to choose from as well as 100% VG (great for those sensitive to PG). Our ingredients include: Nicotine Liquid that is sourced in the US and is 99.57% Pure, and meets EU6.0 Medical Grade Standards, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin that are both sourced in the US, is 99.7+% Pure, USP, Food Grade and Kosher, and lastly, FDA approved natural and artificial Flavorings.

Every bottle of “Ginger’s Blends” e-juice is hand mixed in-house using the best tasting ingredients possible. Also, because every bottle of TVR Juice is made fresh, we recommend letting our Juices steep (let sit) for at least a few days so the flavor can reach its fullest potential.

75/25: This is a thinner mixture consisting primarily of PG. It is very flavorful with great throat hit and moderate vapor production. Great for lower voltage devices like the 510.

50/50: This is the preferred TVR mixture at half PG and half VG. It offers the perfect balance of throat hit and vapor production without sacrificing flavor. Great for 3.7 volt+ devices.

25/75: This is a thicker mixture consisting of primarily VG. It gives you rich, dense vapor with a slightly less intense throat hit. Great for high voltage devices.

100% VG: This is the thickest mixture we offer, giving you the fullest vapor production available. Great for high voltage devices and for those sensitive to PG.

E-Liquid comes in various flavors and quantities and allows you to refill your empty cartridges instead of constantly buying new ones.

Here are a few terms to keep you up to speed on the forums and various e-cigarette sites.

Electronic Cigarette = e-cigarette, e-cig, Vaporizer, e-smoke, PV (personal vaporizer)

E Cig Atomizers = Atty

E Cig Batteries = Batt

E Cig Cartridge = Cart, E Cig Cart

E Cig Cartomizers = Carto

To smoke/Smoke - Vape/Vapor

Analog = Tobacco cigarette

Modified E Cigarette (usually larger battery) = Mod

Dripping e liquid directly onto the atomizer instead of using a cart = Dripping

Liquid Nicotine = e-juice, e-liquid, e-smoke, vaporize nicotine, nicotine vapor

Hope these help! Also, please do yourself a favor and visit the e-cigarette forums. They have tons of additional info and it gives you the chance to talk to people just like you who have had success with the e-cigarette.

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