*Staff Choice* eGo Dual Coil Mega Cartomizer Kit in'a Case
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Product Description


The latest technology in Low Resistance Cartomizers for your 650mAh or higher eGo Electronic Cigarette!

The eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizers hold around 3.5ml's of e juice. They utilize two - 3 ohm coils running in parallel to produce a 1.6 ohm output. The Dual Coil Cartomizer is in cased in a hard non-disposable shell. Each Cartomizer comes with a flat rubber tip.

EASY TO FILL! Take the rubber tip off and simply drip your TVR Juice slowly to evenly dispense it through the filler for a fill day or more of vaping!

The Joye eGo Kit in'a Case will make 2 complete e-cigarettes. The kit comes with (2) SmokTech eGo LR Mega Cartomizer Atomizers, (2) Joye eGo 650 OR 1000mAH Batteries, (1) USB/Wall Charger, (1) Car Charger, instruction manual, and is presented in a Travel Case. Don't forget you also get a FREE 6ml sample bottle of e-liquid just for purchasing from The Vapor Room. Please contact us for any additional info.

Every bottle of Ginger’s Blends is hand mixed in-house using the most pure ingredients possible. Because every bottle of TVR Juice is made fresh, we recommend letting our Juices steep for a few days so the flavor can reach its fullest potential.

---------------------BATTERY OPTION:--------------------

650mah: 6-8 Hours of Usage Time.

1000mAh: 10-12 Hours of Usage Time

- One month warranty. Life span 4-8 months(Depends on usage).

------------------JUICE STRENGTH OPTION:----------------

30mg: Ultra High

24mg: High

18mg: Medium

12mg: Light

6mg: Ultra Light

0mg: No Nicotine

-------------------PG/VG RATIO OPTION:------------------

PG 75/VG 25: This is a thinner mixture consisting primarily of PG. It is very flavorful with more throat hit and moderate vapor production. Great for lower voltage devices like the 510.

PG 50/VG 50: Ginger's Perfect Blend! It offers the best balance of throat hit and vapor production without sacrificing flavor. Great for 3.7 volt+ devices, such as the eGo.

PG 25/VG 75: This is a thicker mixture. It gives you rich, dense vapor with a less intense throat hit.

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