*NEW COLORS* SmokTech eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizers
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The latest technology in Low Resistance Cartomizers for your 650mAh or higher eGo Electronic Cigarette!

1.5 ohms Low Resistance: Burns hotter to produce a harder throat hit and more vapor production. Because they burn hotter they have a shorter life span than a Regular Resistance Atomizer. Great for eGo 650mAh batteries or a higher voltage. *One week warranty.* Life span, around 2-3 weeks (Depends on usage).

1.25 ohms Super Low Resistance: Burns very hot to produce the hardest throat hit and vapor production possible. Great on High Voltage Mods or 650mAh Batteries. Super Low needs around 1-2 refills before the flavor starts to taste clear and completely natural. Because they burn hot they have a short life span. One week warranty. Life span, around 2-3 weeks (Depends on usage).

They are extremely convenient holding around 1.5ml's of TVR Juice, cutting out the need to drip every 8-10 drags. Only down side to Cartomizers is one flavor per carto.

Be sure to watch the instructional video and fill your Cartomizer completely full with each refill. Refill or top off often.

The eGo Mega Dual Coil Cartomizers hold 3.5ml's of e juice. They utilize two - 3 ohm coils running in parallel to produce a 1.6 ohm output. The Dual Coil Cartomizer is in cased in a hard non-disposable shell. Each Cartomizer comes with a flat rubber tip.

Add a Black Hard Shell Derlin Drip Tip to replace your rubber round tip. Fits better in your mouth and is 1/2 the size of the rubber tip that comes on the cartomizer.

Price is per cartomizer and warrantied for DOA units only.

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