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A splash of butter, a touch of salt, and that movie theater popcorn taste.

An Irish cream infused coffee flavor.

Strong, spicy flavor. Similar to your favorite Kreteks clove cigarettes.

Natural classic fountain cola flavor.

A sweet mint flavor with a hint of cream.

Just like your favorite little red candies. A must have for any cinnamon lover.

A citrus grapefruit flavor that is fruity and tropical! Similar to the liquor of the same name.

A strong cream liqueur flavor, similar to Bailey's.

Tastes just like that classic greenish yellow cola.

A mixture of orange and vanilla just like your favorite popsicle.

A spot on peppermint flavor to remind you of your special holiday candy canes.

Coconut and Pineapple blended together to resemble your favorite sweet cocktail.

This one is for you energy drink fanatics. The great taste without all that caffeine.

A straight menthol flavor. Cool and smooth.

The hands down favorite campfire treat can now be your favorite all day vape. Creamy marshmallow and gooy chocolate sandwiched between crispy graham crackers.

A smooth, light mint flavor.

A crisp orange soda flavor.

Sweet Blends

This hand-spun blue raspberry sweet and sugary treat will make you feel like a little kid at the carnival!

This buttery brown-sugar treat tastes just like your favorite ice-cream topping or hard candy.

The classic banana split that is super sweet with a candy banana flavor.

A mixture of warm sugars blended to perfection.

Just like they used to throw out at the parades when you were a kid. Similar to double bubble and bazooka joe gums.

This fluffy toasted and sweet confection is just like you'd roast over a camp-fire or drop into your hot chocolate.

A sweeter cotton candy flavor, in comparison to Blue Cotton Candy, with strawberry undertones in comparison to the Blue.

Similar to the classic candy, except more sweet then tart and very similar to smarties!

Bakery Blends

This is an old fashion apple pie flavor just like grandma used to make. Cinnamon, sugar, and spices all blended to perfection!

This Blueberry type flavor combines the fresh and sweet tanginess of wild blueberries, a pinch of fresh cinnamon, and a freshly crumbled pie crust.

Classic New York style Cheesecake flavor. Get that perfect creamy, cream cheese flavor without any of the guilt!

A warm dark chocolate flavor with a gooey brownie flavor that tastes like it's straight from the pan. A chocolate lover's dream!

A Vanilla batter flavor so rich and creamy you'll swear it just dripped off the beater!

A warm, glazed covered cinnamon bun flavor. A perfect companion for your morning coffee!

A silky smooth Dutch Chocolate flavor mixed with sweet mint to give you that perfect peppermint patty taste!

Traditional butterscotch flavor mixed with warm, melt in your mouth caramel to give you that classic caramel candy flavor everyone loves!

he perfect blend of warm honey and sugar! A great sweet and realistic treat!

That sweet and spicy cookie that will transport you straight to a holiday state of mind!

Smooth, creamy, peanut butter cookies hot and fresh from the oven! A TVR best seller!

A classic irresistible sugar cookie flavor mixed with hints of butter and cinnamon.

Fresh, ripe strawberries blended with rich, creamy cheesecake to make the perfect dessert vape!

Warm, yellow cake covered in creamy vanilla icing for that undeniably delicious cupcake flavor!

A warm, rich vanilla pudding flavor bound to satisfy even the most discerning vanilla fan!

Coffee Shop Blends

A rich dark roasted Italian coffee delight with a slight chocolaty flavor.

A breakfast favorite, covered in maple syrup with a dash of cinnamon and sugar.

A strong vanilla flavor with hints of caramel. A TVR bestseller!

A perfect mix of Vanilla Bean and a robust black Coffee! One taste of TVR's French Vanilla Coffee and you'll know why it's a best seller!

A pure rich Hazelnut flavor. Often added to coffee or chocolates, this hazelnut has a dark, slightly bitter nut flavor.

A very popular Mexican drink, Horchata is the perfect blend of sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and rice milk.

A dark robust coffee flavor, similar to a black cup of coffee.

Pumpkin spice is a classic pumpkin flavor with a slight spice sharpness. Perfect for those autumn holidays.

A sweet almond flavor with a slightly toasted nut finish.

A classic waffle flavor drenched in maple syrup.

Fruit Flavors

A very sharp fruit flavor that is both sour and bitter at the same time. Cranberry lovers rejoice!

Known in china as "Fire dragon fruit" because of its flowers odd shape. Dragon fruit is mildly sweet and likened to kiwi and pear fruit.

A sour flavor like that of granny smith apples. This flavor is reminiscent to the popular jolly rancher flavor.

A very light and refreshing mix! Our Lemon Lime is similar to soda flavors like Sprite and 7up but with more of a candy-type flavor.

Just like the filling of a lemon-meringue pie. The perfect mixture of a lemon custard filling with a fluffy meringue topping.

A sweet melon flavor with that classic tropical taste.

Ripe juicy peaches in a light sweet cream.

Sweet, crisp, sour, and most of all, refreshing!

A sweet fruit flavor with a few sour notes that has become very popular in the US in recent years.

Fresh, juicy Red Raspberries with the prefect amount a tartness.

This flavor is spot on to the actual fruit and is not a candy-type flavor. If you like bananas you will love this flavor.

A great blend of sweet Strawberries and sour Kiwi. One of the most popular and best-known fruit combinations.

The popular dessert combining the tartness of Strawberries with the sweetness of Cream.

A strong and sweet, candy like cherry flavor.

Freshly picked strawberries cut-up and covered in sugar!

A strong, sweet orange taste with a light tart finish.

This flavor is spot on to the actual fruit and is not a candy-type flavor. A sweet realistic version of your favorite melon.

A candy-type Watermelon flavor similar to that of the popular jolly rancher flavor.

The prefect mixture of Strawberry, blueberry, and Black Raspberry flavors.

Tobacco Flavors

A Vanilla, Caramel, and Tobacco Blend. More of a sweet Caramel & Vanilla base then Tobacco base.

A Vanilla, Caramel, and Tobacco Blend. More of a Tobacco base then Caramel & Vanilla base.

A lighter, slightly sweet, and smoother Tobacco Blend.

This Tobacco blend is Rich, Dark, and Earthy.

Slightly sweet and rich Tobacco blend. This blend is great if you use Marlboro, Camel, or Winston's.

One of the best flavors if you are looking for a very true and realistic Tobacco blend. This blend is great if you used Marlboro, Camel, or Winston's.

A sweet and smoky Tobacco Blend. This blend is great if you used Virginia, Winston, Pall Mall.

A smooth Vanilla Bean flavor mixed with a rich tobacco blend.

A rich Hazelnut flavor mixed with a smooth tobacco blend.

This Tobacco blend is Rich and Dark with a hint of Maple.

A perfect even balance of Menthol and Tobacco.

This blend has a stronger Menthol base with a lighter Tobacco Base.

This blend has a stronger Tobacco base with a lighter Menthol base.

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