JoyeTech 650mAh *eGo-T* 2 Upgrade Battery
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Product Description

**NOTE** These batteries have a Safety features allow you to turn the battery off and on with 5 quick clicks. BATTERIES ARE *OFF* WHEN SHIPPED OUT!

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650mAh: 6-10 Hours of Usage Time

- One month warranty. Life span 4-8 months(Depends on usage).

JoyeTech eGo-T 2 Upgrade Battery has two Modes:

1) Constant 3.6V!

2) 4.15V at FULL CHARGE to 3.6V as the battery power decreases. Your button will be ORANGE in this mode.

When the battery is *OFF* (by clicking your button 5 time quickly) hold your button down for 10 SECONDS to switch between modes. The button will FLASH WHITE for constant 3.6V mode or FLASH ORANGE for 4.15V to 3.6V Mode. Click your button 5 times quickly again to turn your battery on to use your chosen mode.

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